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If a customer disputes his or her transaction, how can we resolve it fairly and efficiently?

Use Case: Dispute and/or Fraud Investigations
User: Customer Service, Legal

Whether for audit, compliance or to settle customer disputes, in today's world, the need for reliable records of customer interactions is inarguable. For offline businesses, record-keeping is commonplace—brokerages record every telephone transaction; merchants save records of every in-store purchase. Meanwhile, online businesses have struggled to find a practical way to document and preserve customer interactions until now. Only Tealeaf allows you to maintain a digital record or "receipt" of online transactions, so that your company can effectively resolve customer disputes, streamline audits and maintain compliance.

For example, a securities trading company had to deal with regular disputes from customers claiming the pricing and transaction terms processed were different from what they had seen and agreed to online. Since the company had no "proof" of what the customer actually saw online, the company routinely settled disputes by deferring to the customer and paying the difference. Now, the company leverages Tealeaf to document and preserve all online interactions resulting in a trade. Whenever a customer calls to dispute a trade, the customer service representative (CSR) simply retrieves the session, replays the exact screens the customer saw and verifies the terms of the trade. The CSR can even forward a copy of the session file to the customer if they object. Using Tealeaf, the company has been able to stop the loss associated with settling invalid customer disputes.

Companies utilizing Tealeaf for dispute and fraud investigations have discovered they have been able to greatly reduce their associated backend costs including limiting expensive legal fees. Further, quickly resolving invalid customer complaints, has allowed the customer service team to focus on customers with legitimate problems while protecting the company from fraud.