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Why do so many of the calls to our contact center go unresolved, or take so much time to resolve?

Use Case: Customer Service Optimization
User: Contact Center

In today's commoditized emarketplace, where competitors are just a click away, many companies try to differentiate themselves through superior customer service. And, for those customers who do remain loyal, they expect to receive effective customer service in support of their online activities. So, why do so many organizations allow their customer service teams to remain completely detached from the website? Without visibility into the online experience of customers, it's virtually impossible for contact centers to react appropriately to incoming customer inquiries.

For example, an airline ticket processing company recently converted from a terminal, "green screen" environment to a web environment. And, although their travel agent customers were excited by the new web-based applications, they were frustrated with the number of issues they were encountering—so much so, many of them were printing off screens and faxing them into the contact center as evidence of their difficultly. In short order, the company decided to deploy Tealeaf within their call center.

Access to Tealeaf on the desktop of each customer service representative (CSR) provides the ability to immediately pull up customer sessions and see experience problems firsthand. As a page-by-page, browser-level recording of a customer's unique visit, Tealeaf's session replay allows a CSR to review the exact screens and actions a specific customer saw and did on the site. This visibility enables a CSR to quickly diagnosis whether the customer compliant is a real, technical obstacle on the site, which should be escalated to production support, or whether the problem is simply due to user error or confusion, which the CSR can resolve single handedly.

Empowering the service team with visibility into the actual customer experience will increase customer satisfaction. In fact, Tealeaf customers typically improve retention rate by 1% from better customer service. And, the full user experience replay provided by Tealeaf, enables service representatives to address customer issues immediately—on average, Tealeaf customer report at least a 50% improvement in the team's first call resolution rate for web-related inquiries. And, for the calls that still require escalation, those tickets now include a reproducible user session demonstrating the exact problem for faster resolution by the production support and development team.

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