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How do we know which issues are costing us the most, and how can we fix them efficiently?

Use Case: Issue Identification and Resolution
User: Production Support and Development

Production support and development teams are determined to build high functioning, error free websites. But, even though companies have been providing products and services online for more than a decade, it's still not a perfect environment. It's not that the technical teams aren't doing their jobs, it's just that with the dynamic nature of the web today—with more sophisticated applications, personalization, new technologies—it's impossible to find and test for every possible scenario. As a result, customers still experience a great deal of issues when interacting with websites. The solution is not to pretend that site problems don't exist, or to wait for customers to report them, the solution is to get ahead of site experience obstacles by establishing a proactive approach to issue identification and resolution.

For example, a prominent retailer utilizes Tealeaf's real-time alerting capability to send notifications to production support every time the error rate on their shopping cart passes a pre-determined threshold. The proactive measure allows the team to then intervene immediately. With Tealeaf's powerful forensics features, the team is able to quickly discover all the errors causing abandonments. The team can then quantify the magnitude of each specific issue—how many customers experienced and abandoned because of this obstacle versus that obstacle—in order to prioritize fixes appropriately. And, with Tealeaf's session replay capability, all site problems are 100% reproducible, allowing the production support and development teams to immediately see the root cause of the problem and quickly fix it—all before countless other customers are impacted by the same site error.

Tealeaf customers typically recognize a 60% reduction in the IT costs associated with identifying, reproducing and resolving site issues. With this highly improved efficiency, your technical teams are free to focus on higher value activities, such as innovation and new application development. Furthermore, by fixing problems faster, Tealeaf customers limit the number of customers affected by site issues. Typically, fixing a single significant issue can increase the number of successful transactions by 1 to 3%, a significant top-line revenue enhancement, since these customers are showing clear intent to transact, yet they are "forced" to abandon when deep into a business process.

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