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Why are so many customers having a hard time using our site?

Use Case: Site Usability Monitoring
User: Creative Team

The ebusiness creative team is constantly striving to produce the best site experience possible. Whether via improved layouts or more straightforward task flows, the goal of any redesign is to enhance site usability. Often the creative team is forced to rely solely on feedback from focus groups or small-scale usability tests. But in order to understand how effective the site is for all customers, you need a method to proactively monitor your real customers, on your real site, and witness their actual behavior.

For example, the creative team at one auto insurance provider uses Tealeaf to monitor site usability. By regularly examining abandoned user sessions, the company was able to identify confusing navigation within their payment process. Users would fill out their credit card information and were supposed to hit the "Continue" button on the bottom right corner of the page to process the transaction. However, the page also included a more prominent "Make Payment" button in the top navigation bar. On a daily basis, more than 60 users were clicking the wrong button and ending up in an endless loop. With visibility into this site usability problem, the company was able to adjust the page layout and add instructive copy to resolve the problem.

Without insight into actual customer behavior, unexpected usability obstacles like the above example increase customer frustration, increase inquiries to the contact center, and in this case, increase the number of missed or late payments, which trigger expensive back office activities like issuing warning notices and cancellations. By taking control of these situations, Tealeaf customers see a substantial increase in their customer retention rate.

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