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Quality of experience is the primary driver of a customer's loyalty and satisfaction with an organization, and ultimately, from your perspective, a driver of a customer's long-term value. However, the majority of ebusinesses are ill-equipped to ensure that online customer interactions are consistently positive and successful.

Organizations that have chosen to leverage Tealeaf's Customer Experience Management solutions, however, are reversing this trend. In fact, the visibility, insight and answers that Tealeaf affords can be leveraged across the enterprise to optimize ebusiness operations and provide the best possible online experience for your customers.

The Problem: You Cannot See Your Online Customer
The online channel is unique. It is the only channel of business where companies cannot actually see or interact with their customers individually. As a result, when something goes wrong, and it will, companies become even more disconnected from their most valued asset—their customers.

To customers, their problems are painfully obvious. So, why is it so hard for companies to see? For starters, each individual uses the web uniquely. It's simply not feasible for ebusiness teams to test for every possible user scenario. Further, many customer service organizations are completely detached from the website and simply cannot react appropriately to incoming customer inquiries. Finally, most organizations rely solely on tools that are insufficient at providing actual customer experience information. Web analytics, systems metrics, performance reports, these tools can only provide quantitative data about "what" is happening on the site. None of these tools can provide visibility into "why" customers are succeeding or failing online.

The Solution: Customer Experience Management
Tealeaf's Customer Experience Management solutions provide the visibility, insight and answers organizations require to understand "why" some customers succeed and "why" other customers fail when interacting with the site.
Using groundbreaking, patented technology, Tealeaf captures every user interaction on your site, every time—right down to the page-by-page, browser-level experience. This rich customer experience dataset is a strategic enterprise asset, one that affords a proactive approach to optimizing the online channel. With Tealeaf, key online stakeholders, such as ebusiness, IT and customer service, have the qualitative, customer experience information they need to analyze, investigate and respond to the issues that are eroding customer satisfaction and online revenue.

Tealeaf Across the Enterprise
Whether used to identify opportunities for improvement, drive requirements or set priorities, Tealeaf's Customer Experience Management solutions are being leveraged across the enterprise to explore opportunities for innovation and build better online solutions and better service for customers. Let's take a look: