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Conversion rates are down, does anyone know why?

Use Case: Conversion Rate Optimization
User: Ebusiness Team

Ebusiness teams are driven to get the greatest return from their online investments. As a result, monitoring key site processes is critical to determining future objectives and strategies. Many products can be used to monitor conversion rates, and many even show where in a process people are leaving. But, in order to take action and improve the site experience to ensure success, you need to see exactly what site obstacles are getting in the way of your customers.

For example, a wireless carrier was using a web analytics product to monitor conversion rates. When the abandonment rate on the equipment purchase process suddenly began creeping upward, the analytics product left the company wondering why? However, with Tealeaf, the company was able to drill-down into abandoned user sessions and discover that more than 225 equipment buyers per day were unable to complete their purchase because of a number of glitches on the shipping address page.

One glitch resulted when users entered their zip code and the site was supposed to automatically match city and state. Because the database used to conduct the match had been corrupted, many users would see a "not valid" error message, causing them to abandon their intended purchase. With visibility into this previously unknown customer experience problem, the company was able to take corrective action to resolve the problem, reduce abandonments and improve conversion.

Nagging, hard-to-find or unknown issues like the above example erode customer satisfaction and, subsequently, online revenue. On average, Tealeaf customers report increasing conversion rates by 2 – 5% per resolved issue, and thereby add to top line revenue on an ongoing basis, in addition to making the most of corporate marketing spends.

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