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Email marketing is a cost effective way to distribute your messages on mass, straight into the inbox of the recipient. It is particularly effective where permision is granted, existing customers or registered users for example and can be used to promote product, events or news in the same way as direct marketing.

Added benefits include the ability direct traffic to your website via email makreting and using the Layerseven campaign manager, track the activity around each email and your website, for example:
  • Number of read emails
  • Number of bounced emails
  • Who read each email (and how many times)
  • Who they forwared the email to
  • Who clicked through to the website
This helps generate prospect lists and helps to determine the return on each campaign in a way which direct marketing never can.

Layerseven will develop and manage each of your campaigns for a faction of the cost of traditional direct marketing with the added benefit of delivering measurable ROI.

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