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Composer Home
The Composer homepage gives access to all the sections available to users.  These options may change depending on the access rights granted to certain users.  For example, users may be given the right to only edit pages, but not to upload images, so the uploading options would not appear on the list.

Page Manager
The Page Manager lists the options available for adding and editing pages, with a description of what each option does.

Adding Links & Meta Data
In this part, you add text for navigation links, the browser titlebar and for the actual title shown on the page itself.  You can choose where the page sits in relation to the other pages with the Parent Page selector, making it very easy to move pages to other sections if necessary.  Finally you can add metatags and keywords for the page, for use in search-engine optimisation.

Selecting & Adding Images to your page
You can upload images to display in pages on the site.  The image is uploaded by selecting it from a folder on your local machine.  Images already uploaded and available to use are listed below, along with the name of the page where they are used.  You can view or delete any of these images.

Write Content Now, Publish at a later date
You can enter a date here, and the page will not appear on the website until that date.  This is useful for press-releases or news, and the feature can be extended to include a time.  You can also choose to make the page visible or hide it from view, and likewise make it appear on the sitemap.

The Rich Text Editor
The Rich Text Editor allows you to add and change text on your website with all the flexibility of a word processor.  Highlight single words or blocks of text and use the controls to make it bold, italic or underlined, add links to pages or documents, or link to external website urls.

Select Template for Layout
Composer Templates are designed to give you a range of layouts for your text and images.  You can have the text and images in separate columns on either side of the page, or have the text wrapped around the images.

Uploading Files & Images
The files and images manager allows you to upload and manage images and documents for your website. 

Images can be uploaded to your website, then you can display them on your site.  The image manager allows you to upload the image, view it or delete it, and also indicates where on the site the image is displayed so that you don't delete it and leave a dead link.

Documents can be uploaded to your website, then you can link to them from within text using the controls on the Rich Text Editor.  The document manager allows you to upload the file, view it or delete it, and also indicates where on the site the file is referenced so that you don't delete a file and leave a dead link.

Admin Manager
The admin manager allows you to add or change permissions for people in your organisation who use the Content Management System to edit your site.