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Content Management

Your Website is often the first place that customers learn about your business and making the information on your site relevant, meaningful and actionable is crucial.

However, company information is forever changing so how do you keep the content on your website up to date without incurring additonal cost for site development or, draining IT resource to do it for you?

LayerSeven has developed their own browser based Content Management System 'Composer' which allows for almost anyone with authority to edit and extend website content easily and quickly without placing any restriction upon the design of the site itself.

Key features of Composer

  • Easy to use - If you can use Word, you can use Composer. Changes are instantaneous and what you see in Composer is what you see on the web.
  • Easy to deploy - No expensive software to install and support, ready for use in hours
  • Easy to administer - Create templates, edit content and assign levels, all from a browser window
  • Easy to structure - Use Composers intuitive tree structure interface to build page templates for your entire site with a uniform look and feel
  • Files & Images - Upload files and images, resize images and adjust image layout with the click of a button
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