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Typically, we build our E-commerce solutions in Microsoft platforms (.NET v2.0) however what is more important when delivering the right solution is a complete understanding of the nature of the requirement.

There are a variety of factors to consider which include performance, availability, scaleability and flexibility. However building effective E-commerce solutions that deliver real ROI requires in-depth understanding of business processes of the customer and often, their customer as well.

Whether we are talking about transaction enabled sites or enterprise wide integration with CRM and ERP, LayerSeven applies a business workflow engine to understand processes, back office applications, infrastructure and how all of these elements combine.

We aim to deliver bespoke solutions which don't require the customer to re-define their processes in order to meet our solution. We aim to build platforms that replicate current processes to minimise disruption for both internal staff and users alike. We will however try to improve upon current processes without any compromising service or ROI wherever possible.