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What are the key criteria for choosing a website solutions partner?

Price? Maybe, but then you're not looking for a partner! Could it be credibility, capability, range of services or just simply timing? It could be any or all of the above however, it should always include their approach towards fulfilling your requirements.

In the business of delivering effective web solutions, the approach of your web partner is the thing that makes all the other ingredients realise value in the solution.

Layerseven has a wealth of technical expertise and experience plus over thirty years business management and consultancy in IT to draw upon. However, it is our belief that it is the clients who know their customers and market best and it is our approach to always fully understand their business, their drivers and their challenges before we apply our services to any project.

A website is a business channel and as such can deliver real business benefit and results. Once we understand what your organisation is trying to achieve we will work with you to deliver a solution that satisfies all parties and demonstrates a return in excess of the investment made.